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A criminal conviction on your record can follow you for life. It can affect your career options, your educational options and your ability to obtain student loans. It can limit your potential in many ways.


You can however, obtain an expungement for many misdemeanor and felony convictions. An expungement sets aside the conviction. On a job application, you can legally answer “no” to the question “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” You can put the event behind you as if it never happened.


At the Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Holmes, we have helped many people obtain expungements. We are efficient, charge reasonable fees and can usually obtain an expungement in as little as two weeks.


Contact us for a free consultation. You do not have to live with consequences from a mistake you made long ago.


What Is Expungement?


In an expungement in California, the criminal record is not sealed or destroyed. Instead, next to the case number on your record there will be the notation “set aside and dismissed.” Employers can find out if you were arrested if they do a criminal background check. But legally speaking, a dismissal voids the conviction. Not every conviction is eligible for expungement, and in some cases an expunged conviction can still affect your driving privileges, your right to own a firearm and other rights.


Attorney Michael J. Holmes can review your case and discuss your options.


How We Can Help You


If your conviction can be expunged, we can file a petition to withdraw your plea. In most felony cases, the judge can reduce the charge to a misdemeanor level offense, and then dismiss the misdemeanor charge. In a misdemeanor case, we can file a petition to withdraw the plea, and then get the case dismissed.


Our firm can act quickly in expungement cases. We can usually obtain an expungement in two weeks or less for a competitive fee. After your expungement has been granted, you can move forward in your life, confident in the knowledge that an act committed long ago will not limit your career options.


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