Probation Violations

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Failure to Report to a Probation Officer and Other Issues


Courts take probation violation cases very seriously. Judges do not go easy on people who violate their orders.


If you have allegedly violated the terms of probation, you need the representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your freedom and your future are at stake.


Michael J. Holmes is a former prosecutor who now defends people accused of probation violations and other serious crimes. He is an experienced and persuasive advocate who will work to reinstate the terms of your probation and preserve your freedom.


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Our firm has helped many people end their probation early. If you would like to get off probation or change the terms of your probation, we may be able to help you.


A Former Prosecutor, Trusted by Courts


Probation is all about trust. When granting your probation, the judge placed his or her trust in you. In a case involving an alleged probation violation, it is essential to restore that trust.


Michael J. Holmes is a former prosecutor who is respected in the courts of Orange County. When he says something, judges and prosecutors believe him. Michael J. Holmes will draw upon this reservoir of trust when representing you. In a case involving a technical violation such as a failure to report to a probation officer on time, Michael J. Holmes will use his skills to present an alternative explanation for your behavior, portray you in favorable terms and work to restore your probation status.
Portraying You in the Best Light


Our firm will work closely with you to understand your personal and family situations. Our goal will be to present you in the best light possible — to persuade the court that you are worthy of probation.


We are creative in our approach and have successfully persuaded judges to grant alternatives to traditional probation supervision. The Law Offices of Michael J. Holmes, PC, will work to obtain the best possible terms of probation — terms which enable you to rebuild your life.


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